About Me


Hi and WELCOME along to my website.

I am Will Gudgeon
I live Sussex on the South Coast of the UK and since around 2010 I have spent most my free time wandering along the coastline, over the South Downs and in local woodlands taking photographs.

Nowadays I have drifted away from digital and lens based cameras and now mostly shoot with film based Large format pinhole cameras.

What is large format film?
Large format film is sheet film 4" x 5" and bigger, remember 35mm film?
4x5 is around 15 times the area bigger.

What is pinhole photography?
A pinhole camera is a camera without a lens but with a tiny aperture/pinhole, it is lightproof box with a pinhole size hole in one side.
Light from a scene passes through the pinhole and projects an inverted image on the opposite side of the box and onto the photographic film to produce a picture.

And why do I shoot it?
I spent many years shooting digital, until on day my computer failed on me, and I had problems with it for months. After all my memory card filled up I decided to resort to a Pinhole camera kit I was brought a few years previous, I headed out one morning took my first pinhole exposure, went home and developed it, it was one of the worst photos I had taken, but I loved every minute of the process.

This led me on to film photography where I ended up purchasing a few extra cameras, but after a while I kept coming back to pinhole photography, this was something I struggled with as it went against everything most photographers were striving for.

•Most photographers loves lenses - A pinhole camera has no lens
•Most photographers love wide aperture lenses - A pinhole camera has the smallest possible aperture
•Most photographers love lots of Frames Per Second - A pinhole camera, most single exposures will be longer than a second
•Most photographers love the latest photographic technology - A pinhole camera is about as old as they get.

So you can see my challenges?
What I discovered about me in this process, was the more I was being limited to stuff, i.e getting into film photography meant fewer shots, which meant the more I ended up working for fewer better shots, the more creative I had to be.

Having a digital camera, with Memory Card space for 1000s of photos
lenses to cover every possible focal length and adjustable apertures from f/2.8-f22
ISO range from 100-6400 is nice, but I never really felt I had to work to hard for a shot.
Having a camera with a single focal length, I normally limit myself to 6 shots
(as thats all I can develop in one go)
an aperture fixed to around f/180, one set ISO depending on the film
pinhole has a unique look, and being limited I feel I have to be more creative and work harder to make a shot work.
The constraints of pinhole photography enhance my creativity, the creative challenges of making a pinhole photo work, is what I love about the process.

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